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Specialized Trainings & Certifications

Mirela Bitkowski, MA, LPC-Intern
Supervised by Sarah Arnold, LPC-S

Continuing development and education is extremely important to me. Beyond formal education and job experience, I have participated in many hours of special trainings and workshops related to mental health care. To see the specific trainings I have attended and specific certifications I have attained, please check out the list below:

Additional Trainings & Certifications

  • Trauma Informed Care for Relationships (Austin, TX, 2017)
  • Empowering Youth & Families in Crisis (Austin, TX, 2017)
  • Integrative Treatment of Complex Trauma for Adolescents (Austin, TX, 2017)
  • Medical University of South Carolina - Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2017)
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy - Level 1 Clinical Training (Houston, TX, 2017)
  • Stress and Health: Lessons from a Wild Primate with Robert Sapolsky, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Cultivating Emotional Balance with Paul Ekman, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Transforming Symptoms and Other Negative Experiences with Stephen Gilligan, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Brainstorm and The Yes Brain: Cultivating Resilience in Adolescents from the Inside Out with Dan Siegel, MD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • The Body Keeps the Score, Healing Trauma with Bassel Van der Kolk, MD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Multicultural Issues with Robert Dilts, Esther Perel, MA, LMFT, and Derald Wing Sue, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Treating Resistance with Judith Beck, PhD, Steven Hayes, PhD, and William Miller, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • When Panic Attacks with David Burns, MD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Sex and Intimacy with Sue Johnson, EdD, Otto Kernberg, MD, and Peter Levine, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Rediscovering Hypnosis Again for the First Time: The Utilization of Attentional Processes in Enhancing Treatment Outcomes with Michael Yapko, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Depression with Erving Polster, PhD, Michele Weiner-Davis, LCSW, and Michael Yapko, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Positive Psychology, Positive Interventions and Positive Education with Martin Seligman, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Sexuality and Intimacy with Couples with Esther Perel, MA, LMFT (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Motivational Interviewing with William Miller, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • The Goals of the Therapist with Esther Perel, MA, LMFT, and Bassel Van der Kolk, MD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • The State of Affairs: A Clinical Approach to Infidelity with Esther Perel, MA, LMFT (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Evocative Approaches to Change with Jeffrey Zeig, PhD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Was that Life? Well, then, Once Again! with Irvin Yalom, MD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • The Biology of Affect and Its Consequences with Antonio Damasio, MD (Los Angeles, CA, 2017)
  • Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator (Austin, TX, 2018)
  • Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents: Recognizing & Treating the Emerging Epidemic (Austin, TX, 2018)
  • Challenges and Gifts of Bipolar Disorder (Austin, TX, 2018)
  • Experiential Treatment of Depression with Michael D. Yapko, Ph.D. (Austin, TX, 2018)
  • Techniques for Children and Adolescents with Emotional and Behavioral Problems (Austin, TX, 2018)
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Training (Austin, TX, 2019)

latest trainings may not be listed